We would like to eliminate the doubts you may have about using the BTS buses. Learning to use public transportation is easy and enjoyable!


Stop Times

In the center of a bus stop sign it will read, "The bus stops here at :37." This simply means during operational hours, 37 minutes after each hour (1:37, 2:37, etc.) the bus will pass by this stop. When the sign has two times designated, such as 07 and 37 it means service is every 30 minutes, 7 and 37 minutes after every hour.


Getting On and Off

As the bus approaches, observe the destination sign and please have your exact fare ready; drivers do not make change. Seat yourself safely and quickly towards the back allowing the front seats for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Relax and enjoy your ride! When you are near your stop, press the yellow strip (or pull cord) located along the windows to signal the driver. The strip will activate a chime, and the stop requested light will illuminate.  Please do not stand until the driver has made a complete stop, then exit through the rear door. Click here for help loading your bike.

Things to remember:
Please don’t eat on the bus. Drinks are okay in a travel mug or to go cup.
You are welcome to listen to music with earbuds or headphones.
Unless it’s a service animal, pets must be kept in a carrier.





Transfers switch you from one route to another. As you board the bus and pay your fare, simply ask the driver for a transfer. The transfer is dated, timed and must be used within ninety (90) minutes. As you board the transfer bus, simply hand the driver your valid transfer instead of paying for the ride. The transfer may only be used once.

Route and Schedule Materials

Planning your trip is easy – you can use google maps by clicking here, and click here to check the individual routes and schedules.

 If you need additional help or information, please call our customer service desk.