What is Travel Training?

Travel Training is a program offered through Basin Transit to assist those who need help learning to use the bus system. This includes help reading the maps and bus stop signs, using transfer stations, and riding the bus to specific stops.

Who can use Travel Training?

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with riding the bus for the first time may use Travel Training. Call our office to make an appointment to meet with a travel trainer. After a brief one-on-one meeting, you may set up an appointment for travel training.


How does Travel Training Work?

After meeting with a trainer and setting an appointment with them, a travel trainer will meet with you at a specified location at the time of your appointment. This location could be your house or even at a specific stop or transfer station. Once there, the trainer will walk you through reading the route maps and times. Feel free to ask the trainer any questions you may have about riding the buses.You and the trainer will board the bus at the nearest bus stop and the trainer will explain how to use the transfer stations. After practicing boarding and departing the bus, the trainer will return to the office. 


If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with a travel trainer, please contact our office during business hours. Happy riding!