Click here to open Google Transit if you need assistance in planning your bus ride.


How to use Google Transit:

  1. Click the link above. Google Transit will open in a new tab.
  2. To the left of the map, there will be two search bars. One is labelled From, and the other one is labelled To.  
  3. Enter your current or starting location in the From search bar.
  4. Enter your destination in the To search bar.
  5. Click the blue Get Directions button directly under the To search bar.
  6. The map will update with bus stops around your starting and destination locations along with the bus route highlighted. On the left of the screen, more information will be displayed on which bus route you would take for your trip.

In the example to the right, I searched the route from Main Street to Homedale Road. Notice that the best route (Mainline 2 South) is displayed along with the stop time for Main Street.