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What is Dial-A-Ride?
Dial-A-Ride is a BTS service providing door to door transportation to customers who are over 65 or 
have a disability and are unable to use the fixed route buses. The specific qualifying definition under 
the ADA guidelines for "disabled" is contained in the certification form.

Who may use Dial-A-Ride?

Anyone who lives within the Basin Transit Service district boundaries and is 65 years or older or 
has a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and find it difficult or impossible 
to use the fixed route service. You may use Dial-A-Ride for any reason you wish, however you MUST be 
pre-certified to use Dial-A-Ride.

Where can I go ?		

You may use Dial-A-Ride for all your transportation needs. Visit your friends, go to a play or movie, 
shopping, out to dinner and of course you can get to all of your business, medical or pleasure 
appointments. Wherever you choose to go, Dial-A-Ride will get you there.

How do I get certified? 

Call our Customer Service Representative at 541-883-2877 we will send you an application along with a brochure. 
You may also download a copy of the certification form from this site in the "Downloadables" page. After 
fully completing your application return it to our office. A certification decision will be made within 21 days 
and Dial-A-Ride services can begin.

Who can go with me? 

Anyone may accompany you as a guest on a space available basis. Guests must pay the fare of $3.00 
per trip. If you require a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) they ride for FREE.   A service animal is not a pet and
may accompany you on your trip. All pets need to be in a pet carrier.

What is a PCA? 

Dial-A-Ride is a door to door service, the driver is responsible for providing transportation and some assistance. If you 
need significant assistance during your trip or outing you may need a PCA (Personal Care Attendant). If you have questions 
regarding a PCA just call 541-883-2877.

What is a Service Animal?

A Service Animal is any animal that has been trained to accompany the person with disabilities and assist 
them in performing their major life activities. An example is a "Seeing Eye Dog" for persons with 
visual impairments. A Service Animal provides a specific service or function for it's owner. Companionship
is generally not a service function.

What are the Hours?

Dial-A-Ride operates Monday through  Friday 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
The times indicated are the earliest and latest times for customer pick-ups. Please schedule your pick up 
and return trips between these hours. If a delay is expected at your appointment, please call 541-883-2877.
Dial-A-Ride does not provide service on the following holidays: New Years Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 
Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Where do I call?

Basin Transit Service Customer Service office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Our 
staff will answer your questions and schedule your trip reservations for Dial-A-Ride. You may schedule 
appointments two weeks in advance or you may call the same day. Appointments are scheduled on a 
first come, first serve basis. When you call for a ride you need today, we will make every effort to schedule 
your ride for the time you request. Call 541-883-2877 for appointments. 

When calling for a ride...........

Have the following information ready:   Address of pick-up location - Address of drop-off location -       
Requested drop off time - Requested return trip pick-up and drop-off times - Address of return trip 
pick-up location - Address of return trip drop-off location - Indicate if a personal care attendant, 
companion, and/or service animal will be riding with you.  
If you need assistance beyond the standard door to door service that Dial-A-Ride provides, you must make  
arrangements for that extra assistance. 

Fare Information (effective 07-01-12).............

$3.00   		$3.00     		$3.00   	Free

10 ride* ticket $ 30.00
20 ride* ticket $ 54.00
*Ride = (1) One way trip. A trip to the store and back home is considered (2) two rides and would cost 
$6.00 cash fare. Purchase a 20 ride ticket and save 10% off the price of a cash fare.

Order your Dial-A-Ride ticket by mail. Just send a check or money order with a self-addressed, stamped 
envelope to Basin Transit Service, 1130 Adams Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601. 

Dial-A-Ride Etiquette..................

PLEASE.......wear seat belts and shoulder straps........be ready to go at appointed time, the driver can 
only wait five minutes after the appointed pick-up time.........extinguish cigarettes before boarding.......
finish food and beverages before boarding........limit radio or tapeplayer use to headphones........limit 
"cargo" to what will comfortably fit in one additional passenger seat. Remember that fighting, or 
boisterous behavior can result in removal from the bus or van. Leave pets at home unless they are in 
a pet carrier. Inform BTS if you will be accompanied by a personal care attendant, companion, or service 
animal when scheduling your ride.

Lost & Found & Comments...........

All items found on the van are turned into the office each evening. Items may be claimed at our office at 
1130 Adams Street during business hours. Property not claimed within 30 days will be donated to charity. 
Customer comments are appreciated If you have any comments regarding the BTS Dial-A-Ride service, 
please call, write, or e-mail us with those comments and suggestions. 

Remember…When your appointment is confirmed, please write down your pick-up time and be ready to go when 
the van arrives. Dial-A-Ride drivers can only wait five minutes after your appointment time. If your plans change, 
you must cancel your Dial-A-Ride appointment by 5:00 PM the day prior to your appointment or you will be recorded 
as a "No Show". If you have two "no shows"* in a 30 day period you will receive a warning letter regarding 
suspension from  Dial-A-Ride service. 
Senior Certification
Senior citizens who wish to use the Dial-A-Ride service and are NOT disabled may submit a certification  
form found in our "Downloadables"page.

A senior citizen for Basin Transit Service is all persons sixtyfive (65) years of age or older.  Proof of age may be required.
Disabled Certification
Please complete the Certification Form in our "Downloadables"to use the Dial-a-Ride service.

The definition for "Disabled" is contained on that form.
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