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Special Service Requests


Basin Transit Service does not provide services outside of Klamath Falls. There is however regular bus services to other cities. Listed below are the operators known to us and their contact numbers. Southwest Point - Provides daily bus services to Medford,White City.Brookings and many other points West They may be contacted at 888-900-2609 or 541-883-2609. Sage Stage - Provides public bus service between Alturas and Klamath Falls. They also offer one trip per week service to Medford. They may be contacted at (530) 233-6410. Quail Trails - Provides daily bus service between Klamath Falls and Chiloquin with connections to Basin Transit Service. They may be contacted at (541) 783-2219 x 174.


Basin Transit Service, as a policy, does not provide charter bus services. We are a public operation created to provide local transit services and BTS does not wish to provide the same services that might be available from a private transportation provider. To that end, if you have a charter type of request, please contact one of these local providers: Pelican Charters (541) 883-6440 Budget (541) 885-5421 If your company also provides transportation services to Klamath Falls and you would like to be added to our local listing, please contact us at 541-883-2877. Additionally the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), which regulates transit operations, maintains a list of qualified charter bus operators. To access their listing please go to Federal Charter List Other "Special Services" that you would like to request that meet our "public" testing may be provided. You may download a copy of the request form from this site in the "Downloadables" page.
"Meet the Bus"

During the school year we offer a free educational and fun program, called "MEET THE BUS". It starts with 
the beginning of school in September and is ongoing throughout the school year into May.  This opportunity is 
open to City, County and Private Schools and available to all types of child care facilities. 

Children ages' preschool through junior high, parents and teachers enjoy learning about the usefulness and 
value of public transportation. We bring an actual BTS bus right to your classroom and start with a brief 15 
minute presentation in the classroom which includes free transit related materials. Then we proceed onto the 
bus and it takes us throughout the surrounding neighborhoods. Once the children are on the bus they learn 
to read bus stop signs, bus rider ettiquette, and will learn all about the operations of Basin Transit Service.
Upon returning to school children and teachers will leave the presentation comfortable and assured they can 
confidently use the BTS buses for all of their transportation needs. 

Wednesdays have been set aside for MEET THE BUS. Contact us at 541-883-2877 to schedule your appointment.

"Read and Ride"

This program is a SUMMER READING PROGRAM for children ages six (6) through 
twelve (12) years and their parents. The program was created by Basin Transit 
Service and is provided in cooperation with the Klamath County Library.  

During the summer months participants are given a ten (10)-ride pass card at the 
Library and can use it to ride the BTS buses when traveling to and from the Library. 
After the initial visit they may also use their library book as a bus pass for any trip 
to or from the library. Adult passes allows parents to accompany children. The single 
purpose of this program is to encourage children to discover and enjoy the treasures
of written words found in the pages of the Klamath County Library. 

The program is offered June 1 through August 31 of each year and is only available at 
the main library branch on Klamath Avenue.              

Class Trips

What is it?

A Class Trip is any organized group outing or field trip of students or children who are 
accompanied by adult chaperones/supervisors.  This service is provided free, subject to 
the following:

1.	Please limit the group size to 15-20, if possible.  We need to keep some room for our 
	regular, paying passengers, too.

2.	You must complete a request form at least 48 hours in advance and gain approval for 
	the trip.  We need to make certain that our regular customers can be served, too.

3.	The trip must be on our regular bus routes during the hours of Monday to Friday 
	6:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How does it work?

You may download a copy of the request form from this site in the "Downloadables" page.
After fully completing your Class Trip Request form, return it to our office.

The program can work two ways after you have obtained approval for your trip.

1.	If you want your group to experience the payment of a bus fare, come to our office 
	and we will supply you with free tokens.

2.	If you just want to take a simple trip, show your approved class trip request form to 
	the bus driver when you board.  The authorizing signatures by the General Manager 
	and Supervisor will allow a free trip.   When you return, the bus driver will collect the 
	form from you for our records.

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