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Basin Transit Service Transportation District is governed by a seven-member board of directors elected to four year terms.  BTS board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4:15 PM at the Basin Transit Service District office at 1130 Adams Street, Klamath Falls.

Board Member            Position                    Term Expires

Michael McCullough   Chairperson               06/30/2021

Sandra Fox                 Vice Chairperson       06/30/2021

Todd Kellstrom           Secretary                   06/30/2021

Marc Kane                  Treasurer                   06/30/2019

Rolland Bailey                                               06/30/2019

Carl Shuck                                                     06/30/2019

Craig Fleck                                                    06/30/2021 




Basin Transit Service Transportation District began life on Monday November 3, 1980 as an operation provided by the City of Klamath Falls using state and federal grants. Four buses operated routes Monday through Saturday.  The regular fare was 25 cents with a 15 cent fare for Senior Citizens.

In March 1981 an election was held to determine if there was sufficient public support to create a larger transportation district which would include all of the urban area of Klamath Falls.  The District vote passed with 62% of the voters, voting "yes" for the District.  In May of 1981 voters agreed to financial support the District in the form of a property tax levy in the amount of 38 cents per thousand of assessed value.

Today the District operates five large buses for six fix routes, three small buses for Dial-a-ride service that provides door to door service for Seniors and persons with disabilities and one trolley providing special services to the downtown area.  The District is approximately the size of the Urban Growth Boundary and serves a population of 47,000.



Budget Committee
In a series of public meetings, the budget committee meets to review, discuss, make additions or deletions, and approve the proposed budget presented by BTS staff.  Upon completion of its deliberations, the committee approves the budget and sets the tax rate or amount needed to balance the budget. For more information about this committee, as well as the current budget,

Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee 
This committee makes informed decisions about transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities. It is called the Special Transportation Fund (STF) Advisory Committee and was initially set up under a mandate from ODOT, which administers Oregon’s Special Transportation Fund.The STF Advisory Committee is made up of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and members of the public interested in improving transportation for these groups. 


For a list of our STF, STIF, Assistance Budget, and Citizen Budget committees click here.


Our Mission 

The purpose of Basin Transit Service Transportation District is to provide safe, efficient, and accessible transportation, enhancing the livability of the community.


INTEGRITY: ensuring a unified, equitable responsiveness to our mission and the people of the District.

EFFICIENCY: providing the highest level of service at the optimum cost.

SAFETY: creating and maintaining an environment which respects the well-being of the community and staff.

SUPPORT: encouraging livability by working together to meet the needs and expectations of our community and customers.

DEVELOPMENT: creatively managing our future in response to community demand within present and other available resources.

COMMUNITY NETWORKING: being positive and proactive among the providers of community service.